Advanced PDFs
Advanced PDFs
Advanced PDFs

Create PDFs from form data in a snap

Easily convert your form data to PDF files that you can customize, download, and share with others.

Automatically turn form data into PDFs

Our Advanced PDF tool lets you personalize exported PDFs, customize shown fields, and easily share edited files. Attach signed copies of contracts to emails, download job application submissions for your records, export patient data for filing, and much more.

Streamline data management

Manually converting form data to PDFs for sharing and storage can be a hassle. All the tools you need for fast PDF creation are in one location within Formstack Forms.

Customize field categories to only show data relevant to your users. View a preview before downloading to ensure your PDF looks just right.


Share data by downloading multiple submissions into one PDF. You can also create one PDF per submission and download them in a single zip file.


Use data routing to send newly created PDFs to team members for fast reviewing, editing, or storage.


Save time by attaching customized PDFs to your form's confirmation and notification emails to provide form submitters a copy of their data.


Make a good impression by adding logos to the top of your PDFs so they look branded, clean,and professional.


Use PGP Email Encryption to ensure your data is protected while in transit by encrypting form data sent through email.

How It Works

Set up Advanced PDFs in three easy steps:

Step 1: To get started, go to Advanced PDFs under the Settings tab within the builder.

Step 2: You'll have multiple customization options available, including adding logos, tweaking fields, or copying the PDF settings from another form. On-screen instructions make it quick and easy.

Step 3: Click the Preview PDF text at the top to download a copy of your PDF as a test. Once finalized, click Emails & Actions at the left to attach the PDF to email notifications and confirmations.

The Advanced PDFs tool is available on the Gold plan or higher. For more information on converting your data to PDF files, check out this help article.

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